One of the least talked about virtues of a person is authenticity. I feel that being authentic goes a long way in being interesting and likeable. Authenticity means being original and having views that are molded by your own personal thoughts and experiences. People on social media tend to be very superficial. Most of the time, the views that they share are repetitions of another person’s views or thoughts. This is okay in a limited capacity, but this should not spill over to their personal conversations or works of art that they create.

When someone writes something, it should be a personal endeavor. It may be influenced by the ongoing trends, but it should always encompass a personal thought in the creators mind. It should not just be a creation that makes profit from the current wind direction. Yet maintaining authenticity is easier said than done.

One of the things I notice is that many ideas that I can write about come around to a similar idea I wrote about before. In one way or another the ending is synonymous to a similar ending I wrote before. How do we keep being authentic and keep writing about diverse topics? I feel that this is a very real question for anyone who writes regularly.

I do not notice this in just my writings or thought processes. I notice this in a lot of people I watch online. You may notice that many of the talks by the same person revolve around the same idea. For instance most of Jordan Peterson’s talks eventually come down to personal responsibility. That is an overarching theme of most of his public conversations.

So after all these musings I would love to hear your opinions. Is it fair to write most posts/poems on a similar theme or should we try to make sure that our posts/poems explore different ideas every time?

5 thoughts on “Authenticity

  1. Great post Sagar. I’m not sure what we should do but my purpose is always to be authentic, real and inspire. With that said, we all have many parts of ourselves and I’m having fun playing with new stlyes and sharing other facets of my writing. Happy New Year! ❤️

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  2. Well….it would seem that in being authentic, one would express from the place or feeling that was upmost at the time. So….sometimes it would be from a different angle and sometimes the usual or most predominant. My posts come from my metaphysical/spiritual background, my kindness and desire to uplift and support others, but the mood varies, the topic varies.

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