To Be or Not To Be

To be practical,or to be impractical?To be imaginative,or to be unimaginative? To choose wisely,or to choose instinctively,To bet on experience,or to bet on inspiration In the suicidal leap,A reliable fallback option,In the conventional decision,An adventurous endevour A bit of both,So as to not become,Old and jaded,or fresh and foolish But rather,Wise and instinctive,A sword and… Continue reading To Be or Not To Be


The People vs O.J. Simpson – A Thematic Review

Promotional Poster I recently watched the short series, American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson. It was an extremely interesting show and the overarching theme stood out and perfectly portrayed the complexity of truth and human perspective. There is one particular line spoken by Marcia to Christopher in the last episode of the show… Continue reading The People vs O.J. Simpson – A Thematic Review


Be More

Dare to dream big,Even though everything will change,Despite the roadblocks you face,In spite of all your shortcomings. Make the best of every situation,Accept the hardship,Exploit the opportunity,Use circumstance to transform. See each failure through to its end,At each step trying to salvage it,Make every mistake you could in that attempt,For there are successes even in… Continue reading Be More