The Picturesque Poem

Hi Everyone,

A few months ago, I thought of an idea for a new poetry page. I felt that I could merge pictures and poems aesthetically and that Instagram could be a great place to post them. So I tried my hand at Adobe Photoshop and created an Instagram page. I regularly post my poetry there these days and feel that you all might enjoy reading it too.

I have posted one of my creations here below. Please do consider following my Instagram page if you want to see more such posts and share the page with your friends. My Instagram page is the_picturesque_poem
Link to page the_picturesque_poem.

If you have anything to say (compliments or criticism), please leave a comment or send me an email at sagaragrawal2@gmail.com. Your consideration really keeps me going! 😊

Best Wishes,

Like a Shooting Star…

2 thoughts on “The Picturesque Poem

    1. I actually asked my friends to try the link out and they told me that they were able to access it. I’ll look into it further

      But anyway thanks soo much for the follow on Instagram ✨


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