The Picture Diary – My Poetry Book

In December 2021, I registered for Bookleaf Publishing’s ‘Write India Challenge’. As part of the challenge I had to write 1 poem a day for 21 days, and they would publish a book out of it. I decided to take part in the challenge, but I did not want to write 21 random poems and instead wanted there to be an overarching theme behind it.

Hence, a couple of days before the challenge started, I imagined a story and decided to write 21 poems narrating it. It is a simple, coming of age story set in the childhood of a regular teenage boy. It delves into crushes and friendships, loneliness and perspective. I have tried to use poetry to delve into the underlying emotions and express them.

I have put up the first poem in this blog post. If you wish to read the whole book, you can purchase it from one of the links given below. The link below will redirect you to the Bookleaf Publishing website, where you can buy the book for a nominal rate of 50 Indian rupees. (65 cents)  

The Picture Diary – Ebook

If you are in India, you can also buy the hardcopy through Amazon or Flipkart. I have put those links below.

The Picture Diary – Flipkart

The Picture Diary – Amazon

I hope you enjoy the book and would be thrilled if you recommended it to your friends.

Book excerpt

The Magical Years

A faint sliver of sun peaking through the clouds,
Bathes the field with a gentle, diffused warmth,
The picturesque backdrop, contrasted to the enthusiasm
of deft young feet manoeuvring the ball around.

One English period given away,
For a block of running and jumping,
The classroom whispers and giggles,
Giving way to jostling and sprinting.

Screams of pass, brows furrowed in concentration,
Nothing fazes the centre of everyone’s attention,
Engrossed, he gracefully sidesteps both opponents,
And in one fluid kick, deposits the ball into the net

Those were the years,
Years of homework and friends, crushes and games,
Years of freedom and foolishness, of simpler times,
Years which could never come back,
Wouldn’t those years be remembered with a longing reminiscence?


2 thoughts on “The Picture Diary – My Poetry Book

  1. Amazing poem “The Magical” Sagar. I enjoyed reading it and poetry is not for the faint hearted because the words linked here are mind blowing such as this line “The classroom whispers and giggles”

    Nice blog too🙌

    Liked by 1 person

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