A New Milestone

Hey Everyone,
I am extremely happy to announce that this blog now has over 500 followers. It has been a great journey ever since I reignited this blog in June this year. The amount of love and support that this community has provided is immense and very motivating.

I have enjoyed reading articles by people from every corner of the globe. I am also deeply grateful that the reach of my blog is quite large and people from many different countries read it regularly. It has motivated me to keep writing regularly and keep reinventing myself.

Recently, I was reading through the poems I have written here. I was quite amazed that this is now a decent archive of the poems I have written and it will only keep getting bigger.

I am grateful for all the support the readers have provided me and I enjoy interacting with all of you. If you have any suggestions on my future writing topics please leave a comment to this article.


PS: Unfortunately WordPress only notifies me when the WordPress followers cross 500. I have a few email followers also, so I actually hit 500 a week ago. Special thanks to you all also!

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