Tower of God

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It was about a month ago when a friend introduced me to Webtoons and recommended that I read Tower of God. Tower of God is manhwa which is basically a South Korean comic. Till then I had read manga and watched anime based on manga. Manga are Japanese comics that are read from right to left, unlike manhwa which are read in the same direction as English comics.

One of the immediate differences I noticed was that this comic was coloured. Manga is usually not coloured. That makes a massive difference to the reading experience especially since action scenes are more clear in coloured comics.  On top of that each chapter of Tower of God was quite long and was a longer read than a regular manga chapter. I was very quickly hooked onto the story and found myself reading the comic whenever I had any free time.

This is also one of the few reasons I avoid starting new shows or reading new comics. If the story is gripping, I get immersed in the story and keep reading/watching it until all the material runs out. The manhwa had over 450 chapters and I finished reading it in three weeks. I would like to limit myself to reading 5 chapters a day but every once in a while, I encounter a story that is too interesting to ignore.

The story revolves around a boy’s adventure in a unique world. The shows characters are deep and are continuously evolving. The antagonists in the comic have a unique perspective. Even if the reader perceives them as evil and is unable to understand them, they have a deeper character that has not been revealed since they are not the main point of view in the story.

One other thing that this manhwa does well unlike ‘shonen’ manga/anime I have followed is that it kills its characters (permanently). It has brutal moments and is willing to kill some of the protagonist’s companions. This makes the stakes real and makes the read exciting.

These manhwa are easily available and you could download webtoons onto your smartphone to access them. I would highly recommend exploring some comics there. One season of the anime has also come out but the story really starts to come alive after the first arc so I would recommend reading the manwha. I hope you enjoy it!

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