From Afar

Fire flies floating in the air,
Glowing or burning,
Nature’s crown jewel

Honey bees hovering,
Over a garden of orchids,
Bright shades of colour,
Not meant to be touched,

For then you could be stung.
Suppose you went for the lair,
You could be swarmed,
The sweet scent of honey

Was forbidden treasure,
The majestic lion,
Walked with pride,
Leaving it’s onlookers in awe

Dare to turn your back,
And you’ll be eaten,
Just like the gazelle,
Who’s hunt you admired

From afar, if you went close,
If you became part of nature,
You’d be consumed, in a resplendent spectacle,
For someone else’s admiration

10 thoughts on “From Afar

    1. I see this notion nowadays that we need society to move closer to nature. Whereas all our revolutions and technological advancements have moved us further away from nature to mostly keep us safer. I feel that these modern day views are a product of privilege and short sightedness.


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