Fidgeting my thumb,
Watching the days go by,
An unending pit through my stomach,
The world falls right through

Priorities no longer order themselves neatly,
Desires tangled into a mess of barbed wire,
Love or lust, Passion or comfort,
Can’t choose since neither choice exists

Can’t find perfection,
But I don’t want perfect,
What do I want?

But not that,
Where’s the other option

Everything dynamically shifts,
The goals and goalposts,
Wishes and commitments,
Lumps in my consistency

Yesterday everything made sense,
The plan chalked out,
Today it is all meaningless,
As though I run in the wrong direction

Can’t specify the benefit,
Was the benefit the motivator,
Action for action’s sake,
What was the real reason?

I want that, but not that,
Not exactly that, somewhat like that,
This pinpoint, not that one,
Perhaps I never even knew

Wants and needs,
Goals and gratification,
Critiques and acceptance,
Unravelling yet entangling

And yet so simple

13 thoughts on “Paradoxes

      1. That is extremely interesting! How is your Arabic now? Have you been able to make Arabic friends with whom you had discussions with about their perception on Jews?


  1. What a thoughtful poem! You have described the human condition which can be conflicting & confusing quite well. Thanks!

    What can we do about it?

    We must meditate/pray more and center ourselves in the eye (peace of mind) of the storm (life changes/uncertainties/mood swings) as best as we can. And we must also keep company with good friends (positive and inspirational thoughts, good memories, compassion/empathy, mindfulness, keep GOD in mind, etc.) when we are alone or not alone.

    And may Lord GOD help us too.

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