There they were, a couple,
Engrossed in conversation, ignoring the menu,
Turn around and there was a family of four,
Sipping their soup and relishing the appetizer

Such a calm and peaceful life,
The dishes I noted, would arrive in twenty minutes,
Where was the thrill of youth,
of the wind blowing through the hair

In contrast the kitchen buzzed,
With purpose and activity, steam and sweat,
I brought in the orders, and took out the dishes,
Yet I felt that the roadside chai tasted better

Although the kids in the family may fall sick,
But then eventually they’ll get stronger,
The adventure of long drives and mysterious trails,
Would expose the mundaneness of this place

The contrast within this world was unnerving,
From the kitchen to the lounge,
The employees and the customers,
Every night I got home exhausted

I was stuck in this box,
Perhaps secretly wanting peace and quiet,
Inequality motivating me to escape its confines,
Perhaps, just perhaps they were stuck in a box too.

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