As sadness slowly ebbs through your veins
You don’t try to fight it, push it away,
The emotion envelopes your body,
And it shades the world around you

How much did you hurt yourself,
Trying to fight it off, in the past,
Before you came to realize
That it has to be a part of you

Now there are times when you are sadder,
But you play sad music and go on
The restlessness and self-loathing are missing,
Giving you a peace that you deserve

21 thoughts on “Purification

  1. Wow.

    You know, a wise person once told me that our personalities don’t change as we get older… rather, we get to know ourselves better and [hopefully] learn to temper those inclinations of ours that are most difficult to live with.

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  2. A brilliant poem Sagar, thanks for sharing. Acceptance is one of the best ways in dealing with our sadness and troubles. Trying to run away or hide from it will only make the matters worse.

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