Inspire Yourself with Haikyuu

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Haikyuu is coming back on October 2nd with its second part of the fourth season. The scary thing about anime is that you never know if the next season is going to be released and the covid pandemic only exacerbated this issue.

This was the first anime I watched after this lockdown started.  It is a lovely anime and is unique in multiple aspects. Firstly this is the first anime I watched about sports so it was a different experience. It is also an anime without any evil antagonists. In fact, the antagonists are just the opponents of the main characters volleyball team. They just have a different perspective about the game.  There is no life-threatening circumstance and no world altering power.

Despite this, it has some of the most hyped scenes I have seen in a show in a long time. Each character is built up exceptionally well. This includes all the antagonists. Anime has a special ability to hype up its characters really well and it enables the viewer to look forward to scenes with these characters. These characters have special quirks, personalities and rivalries with other characters which make their scenes interesting. The viewer develops a bond with each of person created by the show.

This includes all the teammates of the protagonists and multiple sets of opponents. They all play highly competitive volleyball, but the competition isn’t toxic. They learn and grow and become better team players. This is why the show is enjoyable. In the next season a few newly introduced characters are going to be fleshed out and I am really looking forward to watching the protagonist’s team clashing with the other teams.

One thing this show is probably not is that it is not an accurate representation of how volleyball is played. The game play is probably over dramatized and unrealistic to a certain degree. Haikyuu is the ‘House MD’ of volleyball. Just like how House was not an accurate representation of medicine, Haikyuu probably isn’t an accurate representation of volleyball. Nobody, however watched House to learn more about medicine. They watched House because the characters were complex and their interactions were interesting. Medicine was just the medium for interaction. It was something that provided a high-pressure, difficult environment. Similarly, Haikyuu is lit up by its characters and volleyball provides a competitive team environment around which the character’s interactions can be based. You should most definitely watch it. Its manga has also completed so if you don’t want to wait for the anime you could just read the manga.


6 thoughts on “Inspire Yourself with Haikyuu

    1. From the New World is actually my favourite anime and I don’t know a lot of people who have watched it! 😀
      Code Geass is like Death Note but with a kickass ending. If you wanted to watch something a bit dark, you could watch Tokyo Ghoul (first 2 season are good) or Re:zero (currently season 2 is ongoing). I am also inclined to recommend Steinsgate even though it does not exactly fall into the categories you have listed above. It is a dark but a intriguing show about time travel. A bit slow paced but that is part of the charm.


  1. Haikyuu is one of my favorite sports anime just cause of hinata, and that is saying something since i have a sweet spot for sport anime.
    anyways i can’t wait for the 2nd half of season 4… it’s the only reason why i never watched the 1st part…as soon as i found that they split it into 2 parts i paused and decided to wait so i can binge watch it together ^^

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