An Alternate Reality

This is a poem I wrote on 3rd September 2012.

Under that table,
In class, in office, at home,
Lies an escape,an alternate reality

It brings you into someone’s world,
Not ruled by the laws of science,
Nor by the same laws of men,
Like living another life

It shows the valiance of the hero triumphs,
The unbeatable schemes of the villain beaten,
The smiles affecting you, the sadness,
A bond with these men.

You are witness within the midst of war,
without fighting it.
The intense fear of espionage,
Without the true fear of it

The dull moments left out,
Moments only of exhilaration
It’s like discovering blindfolded,
Judging inside through outward appearance

Dramatically the black cloak opens up,
To reveal a whitest white,
A stone hard mean beaten,
To show a scarred heart

It takes us through a voyage over the seven seas,
An arrival of the faintest light, in the deepest despair,
Or overcoming of the simplest smallest fears,
And surprisingly the tiniest feelings that trouble us

The small moments of bravery, inspire us,
The acts of selflessness, touch us,
The personal sacrifices,
But the acts of repentance truly prick us

The truly intense characters, we seldom see,
intoxicate us for hours,
From a manipulative world, a dull routine,
lies an escape, an alternate reality.


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