My Hero Academia’s Standout Feature

Picture credits: crunchyroll pinterest

My Hero Academia is a manga that started in 2014. I started following it after watching the first anime season. Personally, I like the show but do not feel that it is an exceptional anime. The main character (Deku) is too pious but does not have an inspiring ideal. He is a vague protagonist with a generic pure character design. Characters are interesting because of their quirks. Similarly, the primary antagonist (Shigaraki) is nihilistic and aims to be a bad person. No character should be the villain in their own story and so even he is rather simplistic.

Recently the manga has given the main antagonist a major character boost and his motivations have become a lot more powerful and complete during this arc. Currently, the manga is going through its personal peak and the story is taking a very interesting course. Despite its flaws, the anime is amazing and I would definitely recommend at-least watching the first 3 seasons The fast pace and supporting characters are factors that make the anime powerful and gripping. The standout feature of the show, however, is its music. The music in My Hero Academia stands in a class of its own. Almost every track that I have heard from it, has found its way into my playlist. The music pieces encompass everything from explosive to inspiring to soft and sad. There is even a reference to the music in pop culture which says, “‘You Say Run’ goes with everything”. You say Run is a OST from the show and it is one of its most popular tracks. You can listen to it below!

Multiple other tracks are extremely riveting. Some of them are; You can be a Hero, United States of Smash and Resting Symbol of Peace. You will definitely find your personal favorites if you watch the show. So much of good music also inspires music covers by other anime enthusiasts. They give the song a different hue and if you search you will definitely find your perfect music. The anime transcends its usual level on this music alone. Good music can make any show much more riveting and hard-hitting.


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