The Best Friend

This poem is written is response to Penable’s Thursday Poetry competition.

Edit 17th Sept 2020: I’m extremely thrilled to announce that this poem has won the penable award! You can check the award post here.

All of a sudden he broke,
“That’s right, all of it is right,
I can’t study, or play sports,
I’m so small that nobody sees me.”

“That’s not true”,
Came a calm counter,
“No, it’s so obvious, I’m no one”,
He said in agitation.

“When they walk by, they whisper and laugh,
When I sit alone and look out the window,
They sneak up and pour water on my head,
When I join them during games, they say the teams are already made”

“I can understand, who would want a loser like me,
I struggle through the exams, I study terribly,
None of the teachers know me, None of my friends care about me,
I’m so small, it’s obvious I’m nobody”

“I can see you”, he said kindly,
“You’re more than what others see in you,
You started playing badminton, soon you’ll be amazing at it,
I see your potential, don’t let the present define you”

“If you can see me, then did you see,
When I stammered, during the assembly speech,
Did you hear the snivels immediately after,
Did you hear them mimic my voice,
And mock my tears?”

“Yes, I did”, He said softly. “Yes, I did.”
“But I am sure, if you had presented your paintings,
You would have received a stunned silence,
You should give yourself more credit than you do.”

“Do you really think so?”, he said softly,
Yes, I do” came the prompt answer,
“There are some truths we get to choose,
And our lives are ours to define.”

“Someday, I will publish my paintings”
Yes, you should.”, came the kind encouragement,
And he snuggled more tightly under the quilt,
Perhaps the next dream would be a little bit sunnier,

At school, they would laugh, when they saw him mumble to himself,
But they didn’t realize, that even their closest friends couldn’t compare,
Because you can be your own worst enemy,
But you can also be your own greatest friend…


12 thoughts on “The Best Friend

  1. This is utterly sad and beautiful at the same time. It’s a shame that this kind of behavior goes on in schools, but it’s worth remembering that most of those who pick on others are actually so insecure themselves, so they project, to make them feel better. It’s a shame and I feel sorry for the culprits.
    Very encouraging post, Sagar, thank you!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sad but true. Hopefully anyone who experiences these things can find their inner strength to rise above anyone trying to belittle them! Thanks for checking out my blog post!

    Liked by 2 people

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