At the End of my Reading List

It has been quite a challenging and fun week. Writing some thoughts on these classics was a great experience and sometimes I struggled to put my thoughts into words. Many times I had to re-open these books and read them so that I could organize my thoughts in order to give you a cohesive summary.

I have always assumed that the primary purpose of this blog was for me to publish my poetry. It has been over 2 weeks since I have written any poetry and I guess it’s time I got back to it. I also happened to watch the show ‘Dark’ and have a funny theory behind why some of the first couple of seasons were so exhilarating and I am thinking about writing on that too. So, hopefully there is some interesting content coming. Perhaps once I have accumulated a whole bunch of books that I have read, I will do this again.

I would be quite grateful for any feedback that you could give me. Please feel free to write any praise or criticism or any basic thoughts into the comments section. You can also contact me directly on email at or send me a dm on twitter. My twitter handle is saagrae.

That’s all for now. I hope I can continue putting content that you all find interesting and enjoy. Stay safe and keep growing!


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