Book 3: Crime And Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Crime and Punishment is a powerful psychological drama written in the pre-modern era. It is a long book of over 500 pages and is a challenging read. The language is slightly challenging, and the progression of the story is slow. Since the story is slow and meandering it is able to completely flesh out each issue and conflict. This is what makes this book thought provoking.

The hallmark of this book is that it expands upon the psychological impact a crime has on a person. It is a story where each action’s repercussion on the main character is carefully depicted. The values that are being imparted aren’t explicitly mentioned but are inferred through the character’s behaviour. In certain circumstances words don’t do justice to an idea and a thought provoking story enables the idea to play itself out rather than just be written.

This was a book where I was unable to read more than 50 pages in a single sitting since, I always had to put the book aside and contemplate what I just read. The book is filled with inferences and it leaves the character behaviour to the reader’s interpretation. The character’s persona is delicately laid out and there is a lot to read between the lines.

The story takes a theory that can be rationalized and enables it to play out in the real-world setting. It depicts a crime that could be justified by that theory but creates a scenario where the situations do not go according to plan and cause unexpected results. It is mostly the psychological jitters that are not accounted for and the shortage of conviction that causes this situation to go awry. The events are much more chaotic than what the main character expects.

The pace of this story is unlike most contemporary books today. The pace of the book is consistently slow and deep which is why it can be a very enlightening read. The inferences are subtle, and the character development is smooth. This book will be an unconventional read and it will not awe you with big revelations. It would be a really good book to add to your book list and will force you to have  a wider thought process.


7 thoughts on “Book 3: Crime And Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

  1. It’s completely a psychological story… actually the story is very slow… everything is happening inside the protoganist’s head.. that’s y not a single movie based on this did well… though a nice read..m

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