My Quarantine Reading List

Over a month ago, I had written about my reading habits this lockdown. I finished the current set of books I was reading last week and am finally ready to give some thoughts about them and how they have changed my perspective about myself and the world.

I read the above books, starting from 12 Rules for Life all the way up to Man’s Search for Meaning over the last six months. These books have been deeply influential and have rekindled my reading interests. Completing each of these books has been extremely satisfying since they were difficult to comprehend and profound enough to delve into the human soul. Most of these books are classics written around a century ago and yet many of the thoughts hold true even today. Despite the extraordinary advancement of human civilization, the core characteristics of the human soul remain constant.

Over the next week, I will share some of my thoughts on each of these books and what I took away from reading them. I am not qualified enough to review the books since they are written by some of the most influential people in history and hence don’t take my opinions to be the golden interpretation of the ideas in the books. After reading these books, I would also encourage you to read some classic old books for you may find that many of their old ideas are pertinent even today and have deeply influenced today’s reality.


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