An Anime that was Heartwarming

Image credits: zerochan on Pinterest

I am not a very sentimental person, or rather I am quite stoic. Most life events and world affairs don’t evoke an emotional response from me. Having said that, I am not unaffected by circumstances. It takes special circumstances to evoke an emotional response from me.

This goes for most of the stories I read or series I watch too. Most romance novels and movies have me rolling my eyes critiquing the characters actions at every step. Most emotional movies don’t connect with me at a personal level and that includes the popular, well acclaimed ones. Every once in a while, however, I see a movie or show that affects me deeply. One of them was an anime called ‘Your Lie in April’ which I watched about 3 years ago. After that I watched a few emotional anime that my friends recommended but I was mostly rolling my eyes through the episodes. So I asked myself why was it that this anime touched me so deeply when there were other melodramatic ones too.

One conclusion I arrived at, stuck in my head. Most people in our life, view us smaller than what we are. They dismiss our achievements and undermine our potential. Some people acknowledge our achievements and see our capabilities. They look at what we are.

Rarely do people recognize our abilities and see something bigger than what we see in ourselves. Such people have the capacity to raise us from our current predicaments into someone bigger. That is what happened in this show. The girl saw the immense potential in the boy, who seemed at first glance an ordinary person. She pulled him out of the hole and helped him overcome his fears and pain. She transformed his perspective and created a new version of him. These characters deeply touched my heart.

Some of the people I recommended it to, loved the show. Some of the people found it too melodramatic. But if you happen to watch it, you should at-least watch the first 4 episodes.

Update: You can find this anime on Netflix here.


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