A Hundred People to Write For

I just received a notification for getting a 100 followers and I am quite thrilled about it. Blogging has been an important hobby I have found during this pandemic. The steady rise of readers has motivated me to write regularly. It feels good to be able to touch peopleโ€™s lives even if it is in a small way.

Social media is a platform where we can connect with people that we know or may be acquaintances with, but WordPress is a platform where we can connect with a diverse set of people, not limited by our contacts. We can be exposed to different opinions and learn about different topics by people across the globe.

I feel glad when I see people from diverse cultures and background read my blog. I enjoy reading their blogs too and absorbing their fresh perspective. At a time when our lives seem to be defined more and more by the four walls around us, these connections across the world feel like a neat little way of rebelling. Thanks for all your support and donโ€™t let the stay at home requirements stifle your spirits!


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