Activities that keep me Engaged

Of late I have started having a lot of activities to look forward to. Midway through this pandemic, I really felt like there was nothing much to do and not many events to look forward to. I believe that these social distancing restrictions and change in lifestyle and workstyle are here to stay, so we should try to adapt to this new environment as much as possible.

I made a few changes in my life and they are really starting to pay off. So let’s go through some of the activities I look forward to in my week.

Civilization 6

Image credits: Firaxis Games

My friends told me about a month back that Civilization 6 was available for free on epic games.  I had played this game with my friend a few times in college, but I was not particularly keen on claiming the offer since I felt as though I outgrew the game. My friends nudged me a little more and I finally decided to claim it and install it on my laptop.

I am so glad that I did. I am a sucker for strategy games and of the limited games that I have played, I can tell you that this game is the best. After buying this game, I started playing it, but was unable to keep up with the AI at higher difficulties. So I started watching YouTube videos to understand how others played this game and in a few weeks I started to get the hang of it. Now I can play competitively at the second highest level of difficulty.

This game is something I look forward to playing every week. The beginning and mid game is very engaging, and I really look forward to opening my laptop and playing the game I left off the previous day.


Unfortunately, all the hype that Civ 6 gives me has pushed blogging to the number 2 spot. This is probably a way more consistent feel good activity in my life. Civ 6 tends to spoil my mood if my game is going sideways but blogging almost always gives me consistent satisfaction. Exploring the reader and looking through other blogs is quite an enjoyable activity. The amount of love and affection that I get for my posts is quite heartwarming. Whenever someone follows my blog, likes my posts or comments with kind words it gives a small boost to my morale. I also feel pretty happy looking at the stats and looking at all the places around the world where I get my views from.


On the days where the top 2 keep me occupied, I forget to complete my reading quota for the day. I am not a bookworm but if I pick up a book, I am usually a voracious reader who will finish reading the book within the next few days. These last few months however, I have picked up some very hard books to read. They have given me a new perspective and keep widening my horizons. I am unable to finish them in one sitting since I have to put the book down and digest what I have just read. Reading these books make me feel as though I am continuously growing and improving. I will not reveal these books yet and will save them for another blog post after I have finished reading them. Hopefully in a month or so!

Manga and Anime

Image credit: Production I.G.

This is more like the dessert of the fun activities I look forward to. Currently it is a small part of my life and it usually comes only at the end of the week. At the moment, I am not binge watching any anime or catching up with any manga. I am however, reading the weekly release of certain manga I follow. Both those manga are probably going through their individual high’s right now and anyone following them cannot wait to read the next issue. The first one is Boku no Hero Academia which is currently running one of it’s more interesting arcs. The second one is One Piece which is totally blowing the roof in terms of hype and storytelling. Every time the manga takes a break for the week my heart drops slightly because I have to wait an extra seven days to find out what happens next.

There are two more anime that are getting released this month that I am totally hyped for. The first one, I will only watch after its half season is over since I don’t want the agonizing week-long waits after a cliffhanger episode. That anime is Re;Zero. I had only finished watching the first season last month, but it has taken a special place in my heart. The second one is Haikyuu. This is one anime I will watch every week since I really want to know how each episode plays out. For a while I was unsure if this pandemic had postponed this series even further, but the latest news articles seem to indicate that it will be out in the second week of this month.

Considering all the activities I have lined up every day, it really keeps me in high spirits and I hope it stays that way.


7 thoughts on “Activities that keep me Engaged

  1. Again a great write up.
    Now it’s Time to make in roads in blog that are informative and short – try doing it.
    Everyone like the company of someone who knows more than them – try sharing something new in brief yet gyan.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank Youu….Haha, once I start writing, the thoughts just flow, so sometimes it gets a bit long. I will try to keep it shorter from next time. 😋


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