This poem is an entry for the Thursday Poetry Competition by H.R Phoenix. Hope you all like it.
Update: It got the runners up position in the competition. Click here to see the results and the winning poem.

Red is the colour of fire,
The colour that represents a fight.
The indication of rage and rebellion,
Yet the hottest flames,
Shine blue.

Blue, that is the sky,
The colour of endless seas,
Calm and serene,
With it’s sensibilities intact,
Blue can be terrifying too.

The green is nature,
Lush and alive,
deceptively beautiful,
A web where everything consumes,
And gets consumed.

White is the symbol of peace,
The representation of purity,
Combination of all that’s good,
A higher order,
Brighter than what can be seen.

Black is darkness,
The rejection of everything,
Of the world itself,
The absolute nothing,
The colour with no colour.

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